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Dental Project SEO Case Study

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

This case study is for a client who is in the very competitive dental field in the United States and a lot of businesses are spending a lot of money to stay on top of the SERP. Me and my team had to work under a lot of constraints and restrictions. Nevertheless, we managed to get good results.

In my opinion, as an SEO practitioner, I could have done much better but sometimes everything is not in your hands. So, let's get back to work and take a closer look at what we did.

Challenges We Faced during the SEO Project

  • The website is hosted on another platform and many things are not in our hands to operate and monitor the functions.

  • To make minor changes we have to send the mail to the website team and the task of 5-10 minutes takes 24-48 hours.

Steps Taken to Improve Online Presence and Brand Image

  • The aim of KPD is to reach out to the prospective clients who are searching for dentist services online and can book the appointment for dental treatment.

  • We published 90 blog posts and shared them on major social media and other channels. Many of them are still in their early phases and will rank in the future.

  • Listed the business on various other spaces like Web 2.0, Micro sites, Quora, business listings, google my business, infographics, web pages, backlinks, article submission, book marking, forum posting, press release, ppt submission, etc.

  • Almost all of the content was written in house and we published around 72000 words on the blog itself with proper keywords strategies.

After so much brainstorming and experience, one thing I have come to know is that it can take an average of 6-8 months for individual website pages or blog posts to fully reach their ranking potential.

Some keywords are already ranking in the top 5 positions of SERP and generating monthly traffic of around 11000.

Resources We Used:

  • For images: Canva, Unsplash, Pexels, FreePik

  • Google Sheets

  • Google Search Console

  • Gmail Google Workspace

  • Tracking with Google Universal Analytics

Domain Overview

What We Achieved

When we started the SEO project the monthly traffic was around 300-500 and we strategize accordingly so that specific area audiences can easily find their brand and book appointments with them.

After implementing all SEO strategies we start getting results and around 15-20 main keywords start ranking on SERP. Now we have around 33k to 35k monthly traffic as you can see in the image above. You might be thinking that this is not much. You are right but I can't show you behind the scenes.

Firstly this traffic is only targeted for specific keywords and regions which can convert into leads. As this is a dental business, the conversion ratio is slightly larger compared to other niches. Also, the brand image of the clients has improved a lot and there are many other channels through which they have benefited.

The traffic will keep on increasing because there are so many blog posts that it will still take time to get ranked and finally we have started the process of their website as well as taking everything under one roof.

Ongoing Tasks

  • We are still publishing blog posts that relate to dental services and their benefits for the individual.

  • Developing their high end website so that we can monitor and track every detail.

  • A lot of on page optimization and web development stuff is still needed which we will do in future.

  • We are also planning to integrate the blog with Heat map to get better insights on user engagement.

  • Facebook ads so that we can reach every household of people in need of dental services in the targeted area.


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